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Laura Rodz

1 o 1 Session with Laura Rodz Booking

1 o 1 Session with Laura Rodz Booking

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Becoming your Best Self

A private coaching program for teenagers, and young adult females who want to start their awakening and inner work journey. Females who are craving personalized mentoring and support to dive deeper and rise higher.

This is for the woman who desires to explore and to know her true, authentic self, so she can clarify what she wants and needs, put herself first, live in her power, and create a life that makes her come alive.

She is ready to heal her relationship with herself, clear what has been limiting her, block her and dim her light, joy, and radiance, and feel a full-bodied alignment to the fullness of her essence.

Our work will focus on reconnecting you with your divine feminine energy, intuition, pleasure, power, and magnetism so that you can rise into the highest and brightest version of yourself.

You will be empowered to clear what has been holding you back and weighing you down, and integrate new empowering practices and rituals into your life that will nourish you from the inside out.

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