I am Laura Rodz and I am Happy you are here! 

Get To know My Holistic Coaching Methodology: Say 'BYE' To Unfulfilled Goals To Create The Life You Deserve In 6 just Months.

Welcome to my Holistic Coaching Methodology—a transformative journey crafted specifically for Hispanic and English-speaking women who are ready to say 'BYE' to unfulfilled goals and embark on the path to creating the life they truly deserve.

Our Methodology in 5 Pillars:

*1. Faith/Spiritual Practices:

  • Prayers, Meditation, and Breathing Techniques: Cultivate a daily practice to center your mind and spirit.
  • Products for Creating an Inviting Space: Surround yourself with inspiration and motivation, transforming your environment into a sanctuary.

*2. Physical Wellness:

  • 30 Days Walking Challenge: Kickstart your physical wellness journey with a simple yet effective walking challenge.
  • Basic Yoga and Pilates Learning: Incorporate gentle movements to enhance your physical well-being.

*3. Communication and Manifestation:

  • Visualization Techniques: Harness the power of visualization to manifest your dreams.
  • Mindset and SMART Goals: Develop a positive mindset and set actionable, SMART goals.

*4. Money Mindset:

  • Financial Planning: Take control of your finances with strategic planning.
  • Tracking Results Techniques: Implement effective strategies to monitor and celebrate your financial progress.

*5. Actionable Approach:

  • Crafted from My Personal Success Story: Each pillar is inspired by my own journey to success, providing a proven roadmap for your transformation.
  • Focus on the Present: This methodology is designed for women who feel stuck in the present, offering actionable steps to create the life they deserve right now.

Why Choose Our Methodology?

  • Tailored for Hispanic and English-Speaking Women: Our approach is culturally sensitive and inclusive, understanding the unique challenges faced by the women in our community.

  • Actionable and Results-Driven: Say 'BYE' to unfulfilled goals. Our methodology is designed for tangible, transformative results in just 6 months.

  • Guided by my Expertise: My personal experience and success story serve as the foundation for this methodology, ensuring authenticity and relatability.

Start Your Transformation Today!

Embark on a holistic journey with me. Say 'BYE' to unfulfilled goals and create the life you deserve in just 6 months. Connect with our community, explore our coaching programs, and take the first step towards your empowered future of your deserved life.

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